The day I remembered to blog!

And realised that I can't do what would always like to do because a stupid auto-immune malarkey that makes me fall asleep on the sofa when I really want to get out to an event. This is what happened tonight. This morning I drove to Penryn to meet up with the Makers Revolution team for… Continue reading The day I remembered to blog!

The chapel sketch

Funny thing happened today after I eventually got moving and made my list for the day. I decided to do something that wasn't on my list. Risk taker! I had crossed off a lot of list items within a couple of hours and so decided to go and draw the chapel commission I'd received last… Continue reading The chapel sketch

Proper Autumn Sunshine and MOT

First thing this morning I had to drop the car off at the garage for it's MOT - I can see the garage from our patio and Dave has had conversations with Rob over the river we're that close.... however it's a long way round the town to drive.  Dave called me as I was… Continue reading Proper Autumn Sunshine and MOT

Business Meeting

Also known as a sleepness night. I met today with The Growth Hub which is a sign posting organisation for small businesses to refer them to appropriate support/training according to their needs. Christina came and spent 2 hours with me at Q Street Coffee allowing me to ramble on about my creative business and I… Continue reading Business Meeting

Pencarrow and the list

I wrote a list this morning and I managed to add more items on to it than I ticked off! I had a commission to do, I had prints to collect from Roy at the printers, meter readings to do, washing to get done!  Plus a load of other things that I added as the… Continue reading Pencarrow and the list

The New blog

.... kind of! I've come to the conclusion that blogging for me is not 'Blogging' in the official way, where you schedule and plan topics to blog about... no to me it's a way of unloading a stream of words that are spilling out and need to be tidied up in a nice neat way. … Continue reading The New blog

The Private View

OH MY GOODNESS! I'm knackered and happy and buzzing and knackered! This week has been full one getting everything sorted for my first ever exhibition.  What an amazing stressy fulfilling week. I have just looked at my diary to try and remember the sequence of events and Monday is a blank so I shall start… Continue reading The Private View

The delivery of the invitations

I can not believe that I could ache so much from just walking around the (admittedly steep) streets of Lostwithiel delivering personal invitations, to all the owners/tenants/custodians of the 100 buildings I sketched, for next Fridays Private View. It was pretty warm early on and I thought the warmth on my stiff and aching joints… Continue reading The delivery of the invitations

The nights are drawing in

And I love it.... all the cosiness of autumn is starting to seep into my being, we've thrown a thin quilt over the summer duvet as we're feeling the nip in the air at night.  I can feel the need for a cardigan more and more.  And sandals are just a little too open for… Continue reading The nights are drawing in

The Blog that took too long

Where have I been?  An excellent question - when anybody finds out please let me know! Seriously it was not my intention to disappear from the face of the earth but a funny thing happened when we reached our 12 months in Cornwall.  It was like a switch was switched and I had said all… Continue reading The Blog that took too long