Polperro Festival Craft Market

Early start and the sun was shining - YAY!  Got the car packed quickly and I drove up North Street and onto the A390 straight through West Taphouse and then right on the Looe/Polperro road,  stopping at the Spar in Pelynt for coffees.  We arrived in Polperro at 8.30 precisely! Followed the directions that Claire… Continue reading Polperro Festival Craft Market

A day of glowing with Sun Burn!

I had applied After Sun several times during the night as you could see the glow from my sun burn even in the depths of a dark night... I glowed like an old-fashioned red heat lamp.  I wasn't sore (thank goodness) but gosh I could have been plugged into the main grid the heat I… Continue reading A day of glowing with Sun Burn!

Car Boot Day

Woke up and there was rain on the window.... aghhhhh! None the less we needed to do this car boot as we were running out of options.. so we got up and walked up to the van, it was quite chilly and I was glad of my rain coat. The van was very full it… Continue reading Car Boot Day

Monday, Monday…misty

I woke to the sound of the radio alarm which had slipped it's station so instead of Classic FM I was woken by static. My ancient Phillips radio alarm is temperamental and loses the station if it is moved a fraction....but I have had continual service from it since I was 14...Cor! That makes it… Continue reading Monday, Monday…misty

Another Day, Another Non-car Boot Day

It rained for most of the day and so it was just not practical to do the car boot at Withiel today... we'd have got soaked and so would have all the stuff we want to sell! So instead we went to Q Street Coffee.... of course.  They were really busy and it was fabulous… Continue reading Another Day, Another Non-car Boot Day

Rain stopped play

Or rather prevented us from doing the car boot. So instead we lazily got up and went for an extended coffee (or three) at Homefront to catch up with Heather, Keith, Pete, Bernard and Gary. So many people had brought photos of themselves as children and we hadn't.  So we will have to catch up… Continue reading Rain stopped play

Trying to not do too much!

Failed! I am having trouble sleeping - mixture of being hot and having so many aches and pains... all I'm saying is that even the NHS website suggested pacing yourself when you have Fibromyalgia.  So instead of fighting it I am going to try to embrace what my confused body is trying to tell me. … Continue reading Trying to not do too much!

Thursday = Truro… eventually.

Even though I hadn't slept much last night I'd set the alarm early so that I could get as much done as possible today. Best laid plans and all that..... I went out for before 9am to get the sketches done today before I nipped over to Par to see little Jane and have a… Continue reading Thursday = Truro… eventually.

A small blog

I have been a little busy with the normal Wednesday preoccupations today to take any photographs or even get to do my daily sketch for the 100 day project. This morning I was responding to some emails when I thought I saw some out of the corner of my eye. Thinking it was a stray… Continue reading A small blog

A Trip to TKMaxx

.... though I would have preferred to go to Truro than St Austell! When we eventually got up - neither of us could sleep last night, combination of the heat and an impromptu Chinese - it was rather late to go to Truro which is what we had planned so I re-did the picture wall… Continue reading A Trip to TKMaxx