New Mattress and Tree Hugging Day

We moved on from the new home for the 'fur babies', gave them both generous cuddles and packed the car up once again to our next stop this week. But first was the need to visit IKEA... normally this is a joyous time with meandering round the room sets, a bite to eat in the… Continue reading New Mattress and Tree Hugging Day


Friends and family

I am very tired today.. my own fault as I woke up in the middle of the night and then started watching the new series of Top of the Lake.... silly me got hooked and so like having to read a gripping novel all the way through I watched the whole series back to back.… Continue reading Friends and family

Aldridge and the cats

Arrived so late last night due to the weather and having to drive all the way through Brum made for very tired Mr and Mrs Shed. My lovely friend Karen was away but we were able to get in ... secret squirrel.  The cats were bemused as suddenly their old ma and pa Atkins were… Continue reading Aldridge and the cats

A38-M5 – going up country

Goodbye gorgeous Goran Haven and the stunning Sprindrift home.  It was hard to leave such a comfy and stylish home-from-home.  But leave we must.  So it was convoy time once again but only to St Austell this time.   We had dithered and debated what vehicle to take; mithered about how we were to get… Continue reading A38-M5 – going up country

Storage Solutions

Too many balls in the air and some of them are very high up!  Anyway I've had to resort to a Very Important List to resolve all the various interlocking pieces to ensure we, our stuff and the keys for the bungalow all meet at the same place at the same time. Our storage in… Continue reading Storage Solutions

Wet Wednesday

It was a good day that started badly with the alarm failing to go off... either that or I snoozed it several times in my sleep.  Oops. We had to get from Goran Haven to Lostwithiel for 9.30 to complete paperwork for the rental property and seeing as I woke suddenly at 8.50 the likelihood… Continue reading Wet Wednesday

Sigh…. it’s ours

All day I've been quiet, silently drumming my fingers waiting for a phone call from the Estate Agent... I even did the ironing first thing this morning to stop me thinking about 'things'. We drove up to Niles Bakery in St Austell and had brunch.  I knew we wouldn't hear anything until Karen the Estate… Continue reading Sigh…. it’s ours

Monday evening update

I've had a ton of encouragement from so many lovely people I do feel that we are on the right road even with a little bit of uncertainty it still IS right. So I conquered two things this evening - the cooker in our temporary home and managing to get my feet wet in the… Continue reading Monday evening update

Monday morning feeling

You know that feeling of unexplained dread - well I woke up with it this morning.  Why? The need to secure a home (all be it temporary) suddenly weighed heavily on my thoughts... so at 9.01am I called the Estate Agents for the Lostwithiel Docs Surgery Bungalow.  A short moment later I didn't feel any… Continue reading Monday morning feeling

Sunday snoozing

Today was mainly spent reclaiming all the sleep we had lost over the last few weeks.  All we managed to do was peg out the washing. It could be the sea air, the peace and quiet or just finally relaxing after weeks of anticipation and excitement. Whatever it was goodness me I needed it!  Our… Continue reading Sunday snoozing