Lovely Visitors and the odd shower

This morning we were up bright and early as Dave had his first appointment at our new doctors.  He hates going to the doctors but hates needles more so I go with him so he has someone to shout at before he goes in and another pair of ears to hear exactly what the doctor… Continue reading Lovely Visitors and the odd shower


A long drive to Waitrose

I was hoping to meet up with a friend who was down from the Midlands but timings were off.  So our get together will be later in September 🙂 So Mr Shed and I were at a bit of a loss as to what to do today... As I'd never been to Perranporth we drove… Continue reading A long drive to Waitrose

Nothing to see here!

Today has been mainly spent washing and if there was an audio link you would hear both the washer and drier working away in the background and it's after 8pm... however we did go for a drive and fell asleep for about 3 hours this afternoon... oops. We met another local today, we were in… Continue reading Nothing to see here!

The Malvern Hills are calling

Last night Dave couldn't sleep which meant I couldn't sleep - that's the problem with hotel rooms there isn't another room to sneak off to let your partner get some shut eye.  And when Dave did get to sleep guess who had trouble dropping off!  Oh well, we're now back home in the Doctors Surgery… Continue reading The Malvern Hills are calling

A Sunday in the Midlands – part 2

Hoorah for the RAC!  Van fixed and back on the road. Where we broke down was outside a Takeaway Pizza place on the Bristol Road in Selly Oak... once we'd called the RAC we could have a 90min wait so you can imagine that my 2 cup filter coffee was working it's way through and… Continue reading A Sunday in the Midlands – part 2

A Sunday in the Midlands – part 1

Over some not-so-fresh Pain-au-chocolates for brekkie Dave suggested we leave later today and have a stop over near Malvern so we could get to the Malvern Flea Market nice and early in the morning.  You know what they say about best laid plans and all that.... Whilst Dave had a long shower I picked mum… Continue reading A Sunday in the Midlands – part 1

Lichfield Food Festival

Woke up and the sun was shining, how lovely for the Food Festival in Lichfield this weekend.  We got up early (for us anyway!) and went straight to Lichfield, parked up and used the mobile app to pay the parking.... more on that later! Coffee at Costa followed...of course.  Then we ambled down the precinct taking in… Continue reading Lichfield Food Festival

The Prince and Princess, and the ‘pea’

When we booked our Worcester stop over we were expecting a bargain night in a rather smart hotel.....ho ho.  This is one of those places that you book for a wedding or a was not what it seemed.  We had to do the great top and tail sleeping as if we tried to sleep… Continue reading The Prince and Princess, and the ‘pea’

Going ‘up country’

Tonight we're at Worcester to break the journey...Dave is doing all the driving as we are in his baby the Transit van... hmmm I can't reach the pedals unless I sit semi on/off the drivers seat and have the steering wheel off centre.... can be a bit scary to oncoming vehicles...and it hurts my back… Continue reading Going ‘up country’

Night and day in Fowey, and the Forgotten Cornwall.

We have packed in a lot in just 8 hours as we failed to wake up this morning like we had planned - both of us felt drugged and very groggy.  We're blaming the rather bland but expensive curry we had at the pub in Lostwithiel - neither of us felt it was worth the… Continue reading Night and day in Fowey, and the Forgotten Cornwall.