Our Anniversary

We've been married 11years and still Dave forgets to get a card!  I like receiving cards for birthdays, Christmas and Anniversaries from my hubby but Dave sees it as not important.... so this year we kinda compromised by me buying the card and writing it, giving it to Dave to open then for him to… Continue reading Our Anniversary


Two farms and Friday Pizza

This morning it was so dark in the room I thought I'd set the alarm at 5am not 8am! Looked out through the curtains and there was a huge hedge blocking the view out of the window... it protects us from prying eyes from passing canal narrow boats, we nearly missed breakfast!   Just after… Continue reading Two farms and Friday Pizza

200 Miles North

Well we've arrived in the Midlands and the journey was a breeze - fantastic! It started with a little walk to the doctors to arrange for a repeat prescription and as I was walking back I noticed the crows circling above - loads of them... I can totally understand where Daphne Du Maurier got her… Continue reading 200 Miles North

Another Wet and Wingey Wednesday

The doorbell went first thing which made me jump - it was lovely post and a huge parcel containing my lovely new yellow cat cushion from Liz Wilde of The Little Pilton Printing Press ... isn't it fabulous! I managed to scurry round to the washing line and retrieve the nearly dry washing just before… Continue reading Another Wet and Wingey Wednesday

Meeting up with Cornish creatives

No pictures by me today as I left my phone on the kitchen side this morning.  Oops! I set the alarm especially early so not to over sleep and miss a meeting in Truro with the Etsy Makers Cornwall group at 9.30am.  I didn't know what the traffic would be like so I gave myself… Continue reading Meeting up with Cornish creatives

In search of ancestors

Today was bone scan day for Dave at Truro hospital (nothing serious just part of the Diabetes prevention).  Can I say that our experience so far of Cornwall medical services is second to none!  The appointments and waiting times are amazing in comparison to the Midlands.  And Truro hospital did not let us down, in… Continue reading In search of ancestors

Bideford – Devon Pop Ups Vintage and Handmade event

First off we didn't sleep through the alarms! Second off we got there in plenty of time! Yay! When we woke it was dark - that's how early we were and on a Sunday too!  So glad everything was packed ready in the car that all we had to do was 'wash n go'.  As… Continue reading Bideford – Devon Pop Ups Vintage and Handmade event

Fair Preparations

Today is ensuring everything I need for tomorrows fair is sorted, priced and packed.  It hasn't started well as I was awake from 4am and fell back to sleep at 7...so I feel like a zombie.  As a zombie I am out for blood and very angry about everything... yes every bloody little thing. Just… Continue reading Fair Preparations

The Blog that disappeared

I have just written todays update and was just about to add the media images when everything went weird and wobbly and the bloody Blog post of 1000s of words (slight exaggeration) totally disappeared......... lots of sweary words.. add your own at this point if you so wish! Anyway here is the Blog Mark II… Continue reading The Blog that disappeared

A day in the Shed in the Surgery

Earlier today I saw a post on my Newsfeed on FB about World Peace Day and one of my favourite artists Helen Hallows had written a blog piece about her thoughts on what it means to bring peace... it's a beautifully written article.   And I hope that I can bring a little bit of… Continue reading A day in the Shed in the Surgery