Tuesday, snooze-day

Oops no alarm today - was so toasty warm in the bed decided to stay there for a little longer. My plan was a little lie in and then dart off to the studio for a couple of hours before we headed off to see our wonderful friends Tracey and John for lunch.  But as… Continue reading Tuesday, snooze-day


Christmas Decorations and Sleeping Giants

Woke up this morning and there was a chill in the air and the car was covered in condensation/dew/mist whatever it is that if we were in the Midlands would have been ice!  Anyway I trundled off to the studio at the Milk Factory with my thermals on and was the first in the building… Continue reading Christmas Decorations and Sleeping Giants

An extra hour in bed – superb

.....means that when we got to the Milk Factory it was still really really early.....sort of. But how much did I achieve with the help of Mr Shed?  The answer is oodles! Loads of wood cut on the bandsaw and sanded - some by Dave and then the rest by me.  Bits of wood to… Continue reading An extra hour in bed – superb

Saturday Postscript

When we got home from Truro it was just starting to turn to dusk, so I said to Dave I think I need some air, (as I could quite happily  have fallen asleep again!)  So off we went towards the river and walked under the railway bridge and into a lovely bit of Lostwithiel I'd not… Continue reading Saturday Postscript

Saturday trip 

Well so much for getting into the Milk Factory... I was off out to Newquay to a clearance sale when Dave wanted to come too.  Needless to say we took a very long winded route because he thought he could remember the route he took yesterday...ended up almost in Bodmin!  So instead of a quick… Continue reading Saturday trip 

Truro and sleep

Goodness me I struggled to get up this morning.  My cuddly duvet was extremely cuddly this morning.  Anyway I did get up, obviously! After the disaster of last nights blog I'm typing this on the laptop. Anyway Dave got up before me as it was his big Ride Out today, going off to Newquay and… Continue reading Truro and sleep

The Blog that Failed!

second attempt! I'm sitting in Waitrose cafe just on the outskirts of Truro typing this on my way to collect an order from Debenhams that I have just been informed has been cancelled as I didn't pick it up quick enough - oops I forgot the 14 days policy and am a day too late!… Continue reading The Blog that Failed!

Todays Blog is postponed

..... just typed the whole blog - all 700+ words and then 'crash' the lot is gone..... aghhhhhh I'm too tired to re-do it tonight so shall update you all tomorrow.  Off to bed now. Sally xx

Wednesday knit and natter

... I don't knit! Wednesday morning at Homefront is the morning of the Knit and Natter group - well a bunch of people who may or may not do some knitting whilst everyone natters!  Lesley who I have got to know through Facebook (hello Lesley *waving*) came down, so did Jane (non-knitter), Bernard (non-knitter) and… Continue reading Wednesday knit and natter

The day of the Studio

....at last! Managed to wake up excessively early and Dave was awake with his poorly mouth so we lay in bed chatting and then got up to have a coffee and watch the Waltons... like you do!  I heard the alarm go off from the lounge.  Dave made some toast and he then got up… Continue reading The day of the Studio