Is it Thursday already?

Goodness me sleeping in your own bed is just the best feeling.  I'd forgotten to switch the alarm off seeing as we had arrived home at 3am... but it soon was muted and back to the land of nod.  We slept and slept... which both of us needed - I hadn't slept properly since leaving… Continue reading Is it Thursday already?


Whirlwind Wednesday….

But first Tuesday evening... We met all of Dave's family at The Wigginton in Tamworth and there was 16 of us including 7 children... who due to full-fat coke supplied by a naughty parent ended up bouncing off the ceiling.  Hyper doesn't even touch it.  We had screaming and laughing, running around, bouncing balls and… Continue reading Whirlwind Wednesday….

The man bag has landed

... thanks to Elaine for making it! We woke up around 8am and dozed til 9am as we were shattered after all the journeys and sleepless nights, but last nights sleep was lovely.  So refreshed we had breakfast at the hotel and enjoyed chatting to the hotel staff and seeing Gemma (Dave's niece). Dave has… Continue reading The man bag has landed

Monday equals Midlands day

....via Henley on Thames. We got up as late as possible not to miss breakfast and our Hotel buddies had just settled by the fire when we walked into the bar area.  We all looked like our batteries were about to die.... shattered! Anyway sooner that you could say 'where's the toast?' we had said… Continue reading Monday equals Midlands day

The Final Countdown- day 4

Another night of waking and coughing and spluttering yet we were up and ready by 8.30am - and at the fair for the free coffee and pastries which the organisers had laid on.  When we got to the cafe area there was a handful of stallholders and a great deal more organisers and staff.   But… Continue reading The Final Countdown- day 4

Saturday at the show… 3

....and people are more discerning and not even buying twigs! My cold is a hacking cough now.... deep joy.  But it's Saturday evening and we've only got tomorrow to do and then the packing up of the stand (or breaking down as show organisers like to call it) then we're back at the hotel for… Continue reading Saturday at the show… 3

The day of the Twigs – day 2

.... a blog of parts. First a view of the house and the entrance to the fair... ****************************************** I am typing this at Midday today and so far the day has been pretty slow sales wise, but there is still 4hrs for it to improve!  For a show of this calibre the customer dynamic is… Continue reading The day of the Twigs – day 2

Country Homes and Interiors – the Christmas Fair – day one!

Well what can I say but I was jolly glad when we got back to the hotel and M&S had delivered me some nice new knickers.... and socks! It was a whole new experience wearing a pair of mens boxers and one I don't ever want to repeat.  So uncomfortable! I managed to contact Evans… Continue reading Country Homes and Interiors – the Christmas Fair – day one!

They come in threes…..

Well hopefully! We had a bit of a sleepless night last night...sore throat, headaches, sickness you name it.  And this the night before our trip up to Oxfordshire. We did eventually fall asleep and woke up with the alarm.  Got up and packed 14 days worth of clothing which meant several we never go… Continue reading They come in threes…..

The day before going ‘up norf’

I got up early and was doing my ironing in my nightie - as you do.  When I suddenly realised that the builders opposite could see me - not what anyone wants to see first thing in the morning... oops! Well ironing done - Dave has got up and taken the scooter up to his… Continue reading The day before going ‘up norf’