Crimbo Limbo**

**thanks to the lovely Flo and Joan on the Nationwide Advert  These pair do other 'ruder' and topical songs - just check out You Tube. Anyway the last few days have been a little bit blurred - it's been very wet down here in Cornwall and I've been unable to really do any exploring as I… Continue reading Crimbo Limbo**


Thursday and it snows

Woke up this morning and looked out on the car to see snow on the window and bonnet, just a little, a sprinkle really but it was definitely SNOW in Cornwall! Dave's glasses were being a problem yet again so it meant another visit to Vision Express in Truro - this time he got a… Continue reading Thursday and it snows

Midweek Musing

Sunshine!  We had sunshine! Then hail, then sunshine, then more hail. ******************************************** I don't know if it's something I've ate or just the way Christmas plays with your head but the last few nights I've had the most dramatic and energy sapping dreams, not nightmares but if they were movies they would have a younger… Continue reading Midweek Musing

Christmas at the Docs Surgery

Christmas Eve Eve On Christmas Eve Eve we slept in .....til 12.30 in the afternoon.  Felt like we really needed it! We got up and headed off to the Christmas bbq, with Tracey and John, with a bottle of vino!  But IT'S 23rd Dec and John cooked lunch on the cool is that! Dave… Continue reading Christmas at the Docs Surgery

Blog before Christmas

As it's the Friday before Christmas I shall be saving all the juicy bits for after the big day... such as: Was the Turkey cooked? Were there lumps in the gravy? Could Dave stop himself from unwrapping presents on Christmas Eve? All these and more will be featured in the post-Christmas ramblings. It's a little… Continue reading Blog before Christmas

Christmas at Lanhydrock

... and a lovely day it was too. Mark the Washing machine repair guy came a little later than I had expected so I had been unpacking some of the pretties to go on Billy the bookcases.  I unpacked a few pieces which had been damaged, so I had to get the glue out... it… Continue reading Christmas at Lanhydrock

It’s Wednesday therefore….

..... it's Knit and Natter! First thing I peered out the bedroom window and there was a spiders web full of dew hanging from the rotary drier, like a heavy gem encrusted hairnet... so pretty. Once I was up I wondered down towards the medieval arch and the light was very misty and grey... for… Continue reading It’s Wednesday therefore….

Truro, Etsy and Advent Windows

Two days of very different activities! Yesterday we went to Truro mid morning as Dave's glasses had broken and he wanted them mended asap... so a trip to Vision Express was imperative.  I drove as Dave's knee was giving him a lot of discomfort and as we drove the views around us were just spectacular. … Continue reading Truro, Etsy and Advent Windows

Native Makers and Christmas films

.....equals bliss! I'm typing this whilst watching The Holiday - perfect Sunday evening.  Earlier, after I'd put the fake white Christmas tree up and filled it with cat decorations, I settled down and watched Miracle on 34th Street.  Full on Christmas fest. Anyway back to earlier today.  We got up early and got on the… Continue reading Native Makers and Christmas films