BLOG malfunction…..

...... once again I type a whole blog and as I try to upload photos the whole blog disappears.......... AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Normal service will resume tomorrow. Very frustrated of Lostwithiel, Sally xx


Monday oh Monday!

Got up and went into Homefront... met up with lovely Bernard, then Chris came in with her delightful dog Sybil and then Keith came in.  Chris entertained us with stories regarding the air-ambulance and various accidents she's had which although unfortunate were very very funny. I stayed ages at Homefront chatting with Sharon, and Keith… Continue reading Monday oh Monday!

A Church and a Shepherds Hut

This morning Dave stayed in bed after he had eaten too many toffees!   Planning to join in with Sugar-Free-for-February for Cancer Research so Dave is joining me by default!  It'll be good for both of us. Whilst he lay in bed feeling sorry for himself I went off to St Barts church in town, got… Continue reading A Church and a Shepherds Hut

Is it me or is it raining a LOT!

.....and more importantly is it because of us - do we have a bad weather jinx?  AGHHHHHH Anyway that's by the by.  People of Cornwall if the weather is better next Thursday through to the following Wednesday then you will know who to blame when it turns sour again on the Thursday after! Well we… Continue reading Is it me or is it raining a LOT!

Friday without wheels was still in the garage. Dave had got up early and ridden off on his scooter to meet up with his scooter buddies then they were off to Looe to celebrate Colins birthday.   So I was in the house finishing off the washing and watching the tumble drier like a hawk (although working it… Continue reading Friday without wheels

Oops I missed a day!

Whatever happened to Wednesday? Well here it is! **************************************************** Being a Wednesday it is Knit and Natter.  But first I cooked tea, Moroccan Chicken, a fail safe recipe using cooked Chicken, chickpeas and the best Moroccan spice blend by Barts which I can only get at Waitrose (well it is a Waitrose recipe). At Homefront… Continue reading Oops I missed a day!

Happy birthday Debs

...thank you for the invite to your birthday lunch x ***************************************************** The day started with me ticking off the items off the To-Do list that I failed to do yesterday.  Still adding other items to the list!  I do love a thorough To-Do list 🙂 Anyway I was due to pick up Lesley at 11.50… Continue reading Happy birthday Debs

A request

Right Blogsters I need you to start sharing the Sally's Shed blog and to encourage people to follow me here not just on Facebook... this is purely so I can conquer the world - obviously! Thank you with lots of hugs and kisses xxxxx The real blog comes later .... here's a pretty picture to… Continue reading A request

I sometimes find Mondays…..

..... challenging/enlightening/distressing/a pain.   You decide! This morning we had a list of things to achieve today, and we got a few of the items ticked off before we even stepped out the docs surgery.  We went down Homefront to chill before Dave went for his regular blood test and managed to think of 2 more… Continue reading I sometimes find Mondays…..

Soggy Sunday

Update from yesterday: I forgot to tell you about the fields of daffodils we passed on our trip West yesterday - they were amazing and a real pick me up in the greyness! ************************************************ The weather did not improve today as it was just as grey as yesterday and even more soggy. This morning we… Continue reading Soggy Sunday