Ironing mountain conquered

I found clothing in the ironing basket that I'd forgotten Dave had.... but at least now everything apart from one jumper of Dave's that's still drying and the small pile of washing from the last 2 days has been ironed and put away.  Even ran out of coat hangers! That immense achievement took all morning,… Continue reading Ironing mountain conquered


Waiting for the snow

After seeing so many facebook posts from all over the UK with back gardens and dog walks in crisp white snow Cornwall is meant to get a good dose of the white stuff tomorrow and Thursday. Expect atmospheric shots of snow covered hills and Lostwithiel in Christmas card white. Meanwhile today has been cold but… Continue reading Waiting for the snow

Oh my it’s cold.

At one point I got into bed to try and warm up. When I checked my weather app it said 1° but feeling more like -7° on weather app.I did some ironing to get warm and put washing on to generate heat, then the tumble dryer was a blessing. The docs surgery wasn't built… Continue reading Oh my it’s cold.

Sunny Sunday

What a gorgeous day today has been, and there's still an hour or so of daylight left.  It's been a wonderful day to be out and about exploring. I knew I would be on my own today as Dave had a long-standing meet up with the Scooter buddies which included other Cornish scooter groups, they… Continue reading Sunny Sunday

Penzance and the Chocolate Cafe

In a word temptation! I left the docs surgery in plenty of time to get to Penzance for a Print workshop I'd booked for Dave and myself some months ago. The palest winter sun was high in the sky, bleaching the scenery, and highlighting the acid green of the new growth of Spring.  I drove… Continue reading Penzance and the Chocolate Cafe

Exeter today

.....tomorrow Penzance! It was meeting day for The Creative Business Network up in Exeter, so an early start for me. I got out to find the car heavy with frost... wow it was cold last night! (And as I type the temperature is dropping fast!) After freezing my little fingers to the bone scraping the… Continue reading Exeter today

Remember me?

Apologies for the silence on the Blog front - the illness malarkey rumbles on and it's only today that I've felt a little more like my old self .... nearly! So sorry for being a Blog party-pooper but my creative writing mode was temporarily on the blink.  I even got a few messages wondering where… Continue reading Remember me?

I ventured outside

... and actually went for a walk along the river before returning home bushed. Last night we were restless and although tired we stayed up and watched the olympics on telly - absolutely hooked on the Ski Slopestyle which is like surfer dudes on skis... so cool and so sad that James Woods missed out… Continue reading I ventured outside

Media Silence

oh illness strikes.  It started Thursday evening just as we were going away for a Valentines break down at Lands End - Dave left me in bed when he went out with the Scooter buddies and I eventually get up take a walk down to the cafe and have a Peppermint tea but feel freezing… Continue reading Media Silence