Antiques, Easter Eggs and The Waltons

Had a rather lovely Saturday. I woke up early and got some of the washing into the tumble drier and faffed about until I had a shower and got dressed, woke Dave and we got into the car and I drove us to Wadebridge.  Though we did go a rather long-winded way as Dave was… Continue reading Antiques, Easter Eggs and The Waltons


Good Friday

In the Christian calendar this is traditionally the day when you spend time reflecting and meditating on the sacrifice of Christs death on the cross.  A day of contemplation, gratitude and quiet. I managed some of that today when I drove up the lanes towards Bodmin, on my way to Sainsburys to buy food.  There… Continue reading Good Friday


That was the title on todays Instagram prompt for Joanne Hawkers brilliant month-long project called March Meet The Maker - If you're on Instagram search via the hashtag #marchmeetthemaker. And it coincided with the monthly meet up for the Creative Business Network group run by Helen which meets in Exeter upstairs at the Glorious Art… Continue reading Community

Another broken blade

and the bandsaw leaves me all shook up!  Cue Elvis..... This morning I arrived at Homefront for the Knit and Natter and I was the only one for ages, Jane was there for a while and then sped off to Fowey to run Lazy Jacks her new shop.  Meanwhile Antonia made me a coffee and… Continue reading Another broken blade

Slowing down day

Our lovely friends went back home this morning and we went straight back to bed.... but once we woke up we were feeling refreshed. Outside the seagulls were especially loud and the air smelt of the sea.  The light today has been bright and definitely Spring like!  We're having a later afternoon sun-fest at the… Continue reading Slowing down day

Reclamation roadshow

Today was our day with Annabelle and Bryan, so I set the alarm last night and got up as quickly as I could, considering it was like walking through treacle trying to release myself from the warm clutches of the cosy duvet.  But I got up and showered, Bryan and Annabelle were already up and… Continue reading Reclamation roadshow

British Summer Time begins..

... and what a stonker of a day! First off the sky was blue and the sun was shining, there were wispy horse-tail clouds dancing across and the light was amazing.  What a great day for BST to begin.  Dave was up early to go out on his scooter and I was off to Tavistock… Continue reading British Summer Time begins..

Friday and Saturday combo

.... because I was just too tired last night to tell you about Friday! Friday: I set the alarm as I wanted to be up and at it early to get to Q Street Coffee with all my notebooks, my diary and my laptop ready to get assessing and planning what to take forward with… Continue reading Friday and Saturday combo

Life on a cliff edge

...or rather how I got very close to the cliff edge at Bedruthan Steps! I could not sleep last night - right fidget bum.  So much so I got up and sorted out my notebooks and paper to take with me tomorrow when I spend the majority of the day assessing, planning, resolving where my… Continue reading Life on a cliff edge

Woolly Wednesday

Today was quiet and unassuming which equals short blog post! I got up, decided to wear my lovely old Gudrun Sjoden jacquard jacket which I bought many years ago so today was a grey, brown, black colourway day.  But with a huge amount of pattern! Got down to the Knit and Natter and everyone was there,… Continue reading Woolly Wednesday