Monday full moon!

Hello out there... been restless today. RESTLESS!  Sleeping is coming in dribs and drabs, late to bed early to rise, then snoozing on the sofa like I did today.  The mould and dampness has started to make me wheeze ever-so slightly but a definite wheeze.  The 17th May can not come quick enough! So first… Continue reading Monday full moon!


Sunday blog – take two!

Yes, you've guessed it the first one didn't save. Deep breath! I got up early this morning as I was heading off to Penryn for a Dolls House workshop run by the lovely Eve Bourrat.  So I thought I would take advantage of the early rise and the fact the sun was out to do… Continue reading Sunday blog – take two!

Super Saturday

Super because we got up early and was in Wadebridge before 9.20am.  Dave had to visit a customer so I drove with him and phoned mum up when I was waiting outside for him to finish. NB:  Late last night I was checking out fridge freezers for the flat at Brunel Quays and found a… Continue reading Super Saturday

Friday phaffing!

  Today was a bit of a wash out really, both metophorically and literally speaking!  It was pouring with rain and I just couldn't muster the energy to venture out to do my sketch for the 100 day project. Today was day 25 and I can't believe that I am a quarter of the way… Continue reading Friday phaffing!

Commissions and Coffees

....of course! I completed a commission yesterday which is for a wedding and today's commission was for someone going to the Grand Designs Show requiring a union jack emblazoned shed.  So I painted two because I really enjoyed doing them.  And I felt they were very appropriate for the upcoming Royal Wedding. But before I… Continue reading Commissions and Coffees

Opps I was talking in my sleep…

.... and kept Dave awake most of the night telling him a load of rubbish.  He thinks I was doing it on purpose but I really can't remember.  It did make me laugh though as he has got up and dressed for work before now and had been asleep all the way through!  He He.… Continue reading Opps I was talking in my sleep…

Dull and Dreary day

Today was a wet dreary day so I did stuff that was dull and dreary.  The ironing, then a trip to a wet and windy St Austell, where we had lunch at Costa and I did a quick look round TKMaxx but no yellow shoes, in fact no shoes that were interesting.  I was a… Continue reading Dull and Dreary day

Post event malaise

.... or as I like to say 'bloody bolloxed'! I always forget just how tiring doing an event is and I it's always a shock when I wake up as tired as I went to bed with very muscle/joint aching!  EVERYTIME! I woke and it was like the hardest thing to get showered and dressed. … Continue reading Post event malaise

Bedruthan day 2

....or as I like to say another day of puppy cuddles from Nala.   We got up later than planned as both of us were a little poorly during the night - think it was something we ate - the only problem was I made the sandwiches - lol.  So when we did get up,… Continue reading Bedruthan day 2

Bedruthan Day 1

The hottest day of the year so far! This meant one thing and that one thing was everyone was outside enjoying the sun and not inside attending the Bedruthan Spring Fair.  I had some amazing visitors and quite a bit of interest from those that did attend, however there were quite a few tumbleweed moments.… Continue reading Bedruthan Day 1