Clean carpets and a Blue House

Last night I decided that to drive to Exeter for the Creative Business Network meet up was a step (or mile) too far.   So I missed my first meeting for ages and when I woke this morning at 10.30 I knew I had made the right decision. Both Dave and I are breathing out now… Continue reading Clean carpets and a Blue House


The thrill of the chase

....and the joy of successfully completing 15 sketches in 3 days. I have thoroughly enjoyed striving to achieve this to catch up on the 100 day project, after moving and being ill... but today's weather nearly made it impossible to complete the task. After yesterday's six I was just needing 2 more to bring me… Continue reading The thrill of the chase

Mega sketch day two

After yesterdays sketch-a-thon I then went to a Private View at my old studio Unit 3 at the Milk Factory. Climbing those 3 flights to the top floor made me realise how tough those stairs are.  The top floor was buzzing with people and on the landing was a welcome drinks station.  Both Gary and… Continue reading Mega sketch day two

The Return

.... I'm sure that was a title of one of The Walton's episodes! None the less after a day practically in bed yesterday I have been refreshed and renewed!  The virus is still hanging on with the odd cough and splutter.  But I am so much better than I've been for the last 2-3 weeks! … Continue reading The Return

Radio silence

....oh apart from the hacking cough and rasping voice! I know it feels like ages since I last wrote anything and even longer since I did any sketching (I feel a whole day of sketching will be required as soon as I feel better). Needless to say we didn't visit the Midlands and have hunkered… Continue reading Radio silence

Our new home and Lostfest

.... and the fact I keep pinching myself that we actually live in this wonderful apartment and town. It's been crazy busy and I've still got to sort out all the change of address stuff.... but that will be done soon.  But apart from that we are very much sorted and settled.  Still a few… Continue reading Our new home and Lostfest

The shock of the new

.... and I hope we don't have to move for a long time now. Today is Sunday and also Lostfest which is happening across the river and which I will be wondering over the medieval bridge to enjoy in an hour or so and buy lots of lovely food.  But for now I sit at… Continue reading The shock of the new

Moving Day

I can't sleep - too achy and over tired - which is why you're getting a blog at 2am in the morning after we've moved house! Most sensible people would be so exhausted they would be spark out, like Dave, but I can't sleep. Early this morning I woke up for the last time in… Continue reading Moving Day

Mid Packing

(or hacking in Dave's case!) The studio is packed, the books are packed, the cushions are packed... (not as impressive as books but it's a start!) and I'm half way through the kitchen - I tried to pick up the biggest box of books to put on the trolley and pulled my back a little… Continue reading Mid Packing

Catch up Sunday

Just a quick blog today. I had 3 sketches to catch up on due to the rain on Friday and the brilliant but exhausting day yesterday I needed to get the three drawings done today else I was on a downward slope and with the move coming up on Thursday (have I mentioned it yet… Continue reading Catch up Sunday