Creative Road Trip

Today was a trip up to Exeter to meet up with the lovely creatives from Devon (and further afield) with the Creative Business Network upstairs at the Glorious Art House Cafe.

I got up in plenty of time and was on the road by 8.40am and the sun was shining.   A lovely morning, and as I drove up through the Taphouses the fields were green with new crops and the leaves on the trees were bursting with fresh green… in just a week the change in the season is evident everywhere you look.  As I drive higher up the A38 towards Tideford there are fields of yellow rape glowing in the sunshine.   Then as I approach the Tamar the clouds start to bubble up and the air turns cooler.  As I start to cross the bridge I notice a queue to the left of me and then a horse drawn hearse followed by several black funeral cars, a small pink coffin made my heart sink.  So sad to see this and my prayers go to the family of this little girl, a horrid thing to face for the family and friends.  God bless little one.

The bridge staff were ready for the funeral procession and had the toll booth gate open so it could proceed without any hassle – such kindness.

Taking a deep breath I head up out of the toll booth and back on the A38 and pass Ivybridge, the turning to Paignton, Ashburton and then Bovey which is always a sign I’m nearly there, but I missed the turning!  WHAT! So I end up taking the next exit to Exeter.  What a mistake, it was nose-to-tail traffic going through the industrial park up to the traffic lights which lets 3 vehicles and then changes.. What normally takes 10mins takes 30mins.  But I am soon at Mary Arches car park, parked up and walking down to the cafe.

It was lovely to walk in the warmer Spring air and notice more about the architecture of the buildings around the cafe, now basking in sunshine.  Inside the cafe is quieter than normal, due to the sunshine according to the staff serving me a coffee and croissant.  I climbed the narrow steep stairs gingerly with my coffee and plate and am relieved when I see Helen and the others gathered round the table.  It’s not as busy as the last meeting but lovely to see some familiar faces, obviously with the lovely Helen Botrill of The Creative Business Network, Lauren Aston, Jo of Beespoke of Devon, Lucy of The Whispering Wild, Joanne Hawker and Charlie Sydney Rose Designs, Q Rae of Illustratingq, then Heather Everitt, Tom of Carve Fin Art and then Sheena Spacey arrived…..there were others too but I can’t remember them for the life of me!  Helen was brain storming a name for an upcoming event and Lauren and I were coming up with some corkers but was surprised that the names were not being taken seriously…. though I think Botrills Bazarre is a real winner!

Because we were smaller in number we could chat with each other a little easier.  A lovely morning.

Just gone twelve I walk back to the car and leave Exeter by the correct roads.. back on the A38 and I’d got well over an hour to get to Polperro where I was due to meet up with a gallery owner, it took me 2 hours to get there and I was late.  The thing with Polperro is that you can’t get anywhere near the harbour with a car and the car-park is geared up for day tourists not anyone just ‘popping’ in.  So I was a bit annoyed with having to pay £4.50 for the minimum parking time of 3hours!  And then as I didn’t have the time nor the inclination to walk to the village I took the little trolley bus which was £2 for a return ticket.  The trolley bus driver was proper Cornish with a lot of “my ‘ansome” and “dreckly” which amused my fellow passengers who had just arrived for a holiday.  I got off and ambled down the narrow streets past cheap and cheerful shops selling the usual seaside stuff and cafe’s with Cornish ice-cream signs.


I find the gallery and have a chat with the owner, show her the pieces I’ve taken with me, I think they weren’t at the right price for the customer base of the gallery in Polperro.  I was a little disappointed but as I walk down to the harbour there are loads more touristy type shops but nothing that rocks my world.  I take refuse in the Wheel House cafe for a very late lunch – I’m the only person in there!

I finish up and walk back towards the trolley bus stop and take a few photographs of the harbour, the tide was out, but the colours of the houses shone in the sun shine.  I turn around and up the valley the dark clouds are gathering so I start rushing for the bus.  Back at the car park, I realise that my little trip to Polperro has cost me £15!  I know that alot of people really like Polperro but I don’t rate it as highly as Mevagissey or even Looe.  So I shan’t be returning there any time soon.  Sorry!

I retrace my journey back up to Pelynt and then turn off to Lerryn and back towards Lostwithiel.  Down the lovely narrow lanes with grass growing down the middle and high hedged verges full of wild flowers.  I was back in my happy place.  Back home Dave had been really busy doing the garden, clearing it of weeds and making it presentable for ensuring we get our rental deposit back.

No sketch today as when Dave went out to meet his scooter friends up at the scooter workshop I went and had a lie down, I slept right through til Dave came home …. oops!

Catch up sketch tomorrow morning then!

Sally xx

PS – yesterday after I went to Post Office I went for a little drive and parked up at my favourite lay by and these are the photos I took… it was so beautiful!






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