Wisteria House

Today’s blog is about pretty Wisteria, lovely people and boxes…. lots of boxes!

Dave was in bed and I made him stay there plying him with drugs and sleep.  He was not well at all poor lamb and I’m fighting all the germs with Lemsip and fresh air!

Yesterday was the start of the short week to moving day – a week, 7 little days, to pack everything and move everything to our new lovely warm shiny pretty Brunel Quays.  We’ve had ages to start but you know what happens – you don’t want to jinx the move, you have PLENTY of time… etc etc.

Well it’s all down to the last week… obviously Dave being poorly was not the plan!  I have been productive and gone through the studio and have a huge box of stuff to get rid of, and 8 boxes packed and labelled. These along with all the stock and baskets, bins and other containers need to be moved to the storage locker, then I can concentrate on the packing of all our precious bits and pieces, the kitchen and the pictures.  The studio was the mammoth job as I’ve so much stuff, I really REALLY REALLY need a studio space.  hint hint people of Lostwithiel!

I went out early to do Wednesday’s blog, have a quiet coffee, then went round to Watts Trading to take up their kind offer for boxes, then down to Jeffery’s to speak to Karen about a message left on Dave’s phone this morning.  I popped into De ja Vu to see if they would like to buy some old rolling pins I’d got – they suggested Choughs down the road.  I popped to Co-Op and got some sarnies for lunch and then back home.

Lunch done, and Dave back in bed I go out and take the rolling pins to Choughs who bought them from me, and then I stopped outside Jeffery’s to draw the amazing Georgian house which I’ve named Wisteria House.  I got my sketch book ready and started, a couple of people came past and said hi and that they are following my sketches on the Lostwithiel page, I love how this little Instagram project has blossomed in to a bigger wider adventure.

Anyway I knew that capturing the wisteria on this building was going to be difficult, especially as I’m not using any colour in any of my sketches.  But what I might do once we’ve moved is scan some of the drawings on to water-colour paper and add a splash of colour, like the wisteria, like the yellow window boxes on Parade House, etc etc.

Once I’d finished I popped into Jeffery’s again as they had seen me standing there – suitably impressed and filling me with encouragement I went home again and noticed the boxes neatly lined up by the front door, I bring them inside and get filling them with studio stuff.  Then I realise that the one thing I’d forgotten to do was ask Karen in Jefferys the number for a carpet cleaners, and I’d not taken any photos of the Wisteria House – tut tut.

Back home and I load the finished picture and photos onto Instagram.  Wisteria House is number 38!  A lovely lady came round at 4pm and took my old SLR camera off my hands for her daughter.

Dave is still in bed but starting to feel a little better, tiny minute little bit better.  He’d had a message from one of the scooter guys asking if he would be up at the scooter workshop tonight to bring his jumper Dave had kindly stored on his scooter on Monday.  Also we needed to get rid of the last little heater so I got into the car and visited the guys up in Bodmin, they were tucking into a couple of KFC buckets!  Both of the guys were there and I even got offered the last piece of KFC chicken!  Bless them.  Little Dave was there looking well after his holiday and he is going to help move us on Thursday afternoon… think we’ll need a couple more chaps to help us shift everything.  Though the plan (not sure if I’ve shared this with Dave yet!) is that we fill the van and car on Thursday before we go to get the keys at 2pm and then go straight to the house and unload what we’ve bought – the bed mainly and clothing, bedding, bathroom stuff – then whilst I stay at the flat Dave will go off back to the house to load with little Dave (and hopefully a couple more chaps) and keep bringing stuff whilst I rebuild the bed (and yes I can do this on my own) make the bed – put all the stuff away in the bedroom and bathroom, then as stuff is delivered move it to the appropriate places.  The plan is also for the Friday to wait in for the Fridge/Freezer to be delivered whilst Dave goes back to the docs surgery to start the cleaning process, and whilst I’m waiting for the F/F I continue unpacking.  Writing my plan down I feel tired just thinking about it!  Ha Ha!

On the way home I went and got us chips for tea – I know that the oil and salt from the chips with ease Dave’s throat.  So medicinal chips!

By 10pm I’m in bed and Dave stays up watching telly and then came to bed not that long after – though I can only take his word for it was I was out for the count.

Today I am going to acquire more boxes, if Dave is up to it we will load the van and take the studio boxes down to the locker… that will empty the space up nicely to get packing again.  So nothing to see here really – I shall blog after tomorrows visit to see the Design Trust guru at Bedruthan where I hope to learn a lot to put in place for my business to grow!

Have a great Friday and weekend my lovelies.

Sally xx


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