The Design Trust in Cornwall

…..what a thrill to have the amazing Patricia van den Akker of the Design Trust down here in sunny Cornwall.  It was totally fabulous, exciting, enthusing, vibrant, brain stretching, thought-provoking, fascinating day!


Oh and so tiring!

Dave seemed a bit better yesterday and even walked down to the Co-Op, but this morning he was dead to the world when I left at 9am to make my way over to Bedruthan Hotel for this very full day of marketing.  I’d seen signs about a cycle race so I chose to go the A30 route and then off at Indian Queens, past the airport to Mawgan Porth where I suddenly thought was it 9.30 to start 10am or 9 to start at 9.30am – if it was the latter I was late, eek!  I rolled into the carpark at 9.40 and bombed into the conference area thinking I’d be creeping in apologising for being sooo late… nope everyone was still on their way or chatting and sipping coffee … phew – I hate being late.

To explain about the day would be almost impossible as it was so intense, so full on my little fingers found it hard to keep up with writing the nuggets of wisdom and joy down… it was a weekend Marketing workshop squeezed into a single day.  I am still buzzing with all the thoughts and ideas flying around the inside of my overwhelmed brain!  Thank you Alison Bick, our Etsy Team Leader, for organising the event xx

Needless to say I have a lot to process and many things to put into action. BUT only after we’ve moved!  Because of Dave’s illness we are running backwards at the preparation for the move, I’ve nearly fully packed the shed… and nearly everything is on the van, plus the boxes of stuff we are getting rid of too.

I’ve got 3 sketches to do tomorrow to catch up on the 100 day project which will take me in the 40s!  WOW!

So tomorrow is packing, packing and more packing plus 3 sketches.

See you tomorrow.

Sally xx



2 thoughts on “The Design Trust in Cornwall”

  1. Meant to ask you but keep forgetting, is anything your getting rid of suitable for St Petrocs @ Truro ( they help the homeless & do a lot of arts & crafts with them).
    Clothing. Footwear, bedding or possibly anything for painting / knitting etc.).i can pick up from you & get it passed on. Via Fowey River Lions. .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Everything to go is down the locker and once we’re back from the Midlands we’ll go through it again and if there is anything suitable I’ll let you know xx


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