The heat has melted my brain

.....nearly forgot to do this again tonight! Anyways... yesterday was a quiet exhausting day really, instead of driving up the A38 to Exeter to meet up with the lovely creatives in The Creative Business Network, one by one we dropped like flies.... to be fair Helen had a legitimate reason, busted shoulder tendon, where as… Continue reading The heat has melted my brain


The first proper re-draw

...of the 100 Day Project. First thing I was meant to be up and at it before the sun got its super powers turned up to full, but I woke up to white static noise coming from the radio alarm - a whole hour after the alarm I'd set.  Oops. When I got up and out… Continue reading The first proper re-draw

Tuesday – a three sketch kinda day!

Dave was up early to go off and do some work and I got him to drop me on North Street so I could go and sketch Emma's house early whilst I could stand in shadow.  I'd also grabbed my hat out of the car and was wearing that.  It was lovely to be able… Continue reading Tuesday – a three sketch kinda day!

Monday and it’s a hot one!

Of course it doesn't help that I did the ironing this morning.  I must have increased the temperature in Lostwithiel by 2 degrees! Eventually I finished and also sorted out the desk drawers to move creative related items into the green bureau.  Only after that did I get showered and ready for the day..... well… Continue reading Monday and it’s a hot one!

Sunday at Mount Pleasant Eco Park

Also known as the day I found out I don't sell to Eco Warriors.  But there's always a positive note... the lovely Naomi and Roy came to visit us as they are on holiday in very sunny Cornwall.  What an ace surprise. This morning I woke before the alarm and we were up and out… Continue reading Sunday at Mount Pleasant Eco Park

Friday, Saturday and three sketches

I was a little sun struck yesterday and totally forgot to do the blog!  Tut tut! So yesterday Dave got up early to go on his Friday scooter run and I was up too so I could get to Bodmin to collect some shoes I'd ordered online from Clarks and to take a huge parcel… Continue reading Friday, Saturday and three sketches

Polperro Festival Craft Market

Early start and the sun was shining - YAY!  Got the car packed quickly and I drove up North Street and onto the A390 straight through West Taphouse and then right on the Looe/Polperro road,  stopping at the Spar in Pelynt for coffees.  We arrived in Polperro at 8.30 precisely! Followed the directions that Claire… Continue reading Polperro Festival Craft Market

A day of glowing with Sun Burn!

I had applied After Sun several times during the night as you could see the glow from my sun burn even in the depths of a dark night... I glowed like an old-fashioned red heat lamp.  I wasn't sore (thank goodness) but gosh I could have been plugged into the main grid the heat I… Continue reading A day of glowing with Sun Burn!

Car Boot Day

Woke up and there was rain on the window.... aghhhhh! None the less we needed to do this car boot as we were running out of options.. so we got up and walked up to the van, it was quite chilly and I was glad of my rain coat. The van was very full it… Continue reading Car Boot Day

Monday, Monday…misty

I woke to the sound of the radio alarm which had slipped it's station so instead of Classic FM I was woken by static. My ancient Phillips radio alarm is temperamental and loses the station if it is moved a fraction....but I have had continual service from it since I was 14...Cor! That makes it… Continue reading Monday, Monday…misty