Rain…. hooray!

I woke this morning hearing gentle rain resting on the open window – it was like a whisper rather than the crashing downpour with thunder and lightening we were led to believe, but no wingeing here – it was still rain!  I opened the back door and watched the rain fall straight down, puddles dancing with joy with each rain drop.  I so wanted to go out and dance in it but as I was only in my nightie I thought I might scare the neighbours! I sat for a while just letting the cooler damper air waft around me.  Bliss.


Dave was fast asleep.  I suddenly had a little more energy – heat drains me.  So I got the washing on, did the washing up and basically sorted stuff out.  Poor Dave had been knocked out by the heat yesterday and when he woke he was really cold… soon warmed up with a lovely long shower.  We then got our things together and went down to the Community Cafe at the Community Centre for breakfast… goodness me it was hot in there, oppressively hot.  We had a breakfast and then left as I was melting.

When we emerged the rain had stopped, and a muggy thick air had replaced the freshness of earlier.  I decided to walk up to the Old Hall which faces the entrance of the Community Centre.  It’s a lovely building that was originally the Sunday School building.  Outside there was a remnant of a beautiful wrought iron fence which indicated the more formal role of the building.

I felt a few drops of rain so I walked down the A390 to Q Street Coffee where Dave had gone hoping to cool down.  I got in and I had a glorious iced coffee then added some more detail to the sketch.  I went through the list of buildings and realised that I had more buildings than days left so I am going to cheat!  I shall be doing 2-3 buildings a day but definitely finishing on the 100th day with the church.  Why have rules if you can’t bend them a little?

Cooled down I leave Dave in the cafe and walk to do the second sketch of the day… the old market house which I’ve now been told was originally built as a Grammer School then later was used as the market.  Now it is converted into flats.  But it is a lovely building set back from the road with two closed off entrance arches at each end of the wall facing the road.  The crest is high up on the portico.  I would imagine it looked very grand when first built.  Then when it became a market place canopies were built along each side and the shadow of where these were attached to the main building are still visible.

The clouds were parting and the sky was reverting back to it’s sunny blue state… today I was looking forward to the thunder storms… blow.  We drove home and opened the back doors wide open.  It was bliss.  I got online and could see that the initial energy for the Makers Revolution was getting cluttered by different ideas and concerns.  Alison had posted in the group which promoted more discussion, a few of us were suggesting further dates due to the original date clashing with Looe Music Festival.  So after further discussion I created an event for those who could meet up to join me to discuss and make some concrete decisions.  It’ll be great to have a productive meeting and have a plan of action to move the event(s) forward.

We had a Chinese take-away and I settled down to Poldark and then Handmaids Tale!  Oooo lots of tears and emotions on both!

Have a good Monday

Sally xx


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