Phew four sketches and England in the last 8

… but I was watching Bull on 5USA, much to Dave’s annoyance when he came home from his scooter evening ride out.  So he went off to sit in the car to listen to the radio commentary.

But he came in all disheartened as it looked like England was out so he’d come inside.  My programme was over so I changed the channel and the had won!  So now we’re reliving the last hour on ITV+1.  And what a save – well done Mr Pickford.

Anyway let’s go back to this morning.  I set the alarm for early doors so I could get out before the sun was at its most intense.. to beat the heat.  I drove over to The Royal Oak on Duke Street and parked up.  Stood and drew the pub which has an interesting facade with large angled bays each side and the door in the centre.  This is the side I like, round in the car park where the main entrance is it could be any pub anywhere… but this old bit facing the road oozes history.  I then walked through the alley way on to Bodmin Hill to draw number 31 which is an intriguing building, the usual symmetrical style of a Georgian house is totally missing here.  The main door, with beautiful moulding and pillars is squeezed next to a window and then there is a large bay to its right – very interesting indeed.

Whilst I was drawing I saw Emma, Roberta and Chloe and a couple of mad people running down the hill…. that is just scary! Once I’d finished I walked back to the car and checked my list of buildings… then drove round to the back of the houses that are on the main road up the hill out of Lostwithiel.  Just behind the Escape Lane (yes the hill is that steep) there are a couple of houses with arched windows hidden behind high hedges.  As I approach the one I can see through its wrought iron gate a little dog starts barking and the owner comes out.  I explain what I’m doing, he and his wife have seen me about town and like the fact I was going to draw their house.  He started to tell me about the building and it is much older that I thought.. it and the neighbours appears on some land deeds dating back to 1710.  It is made of cob and originally a mill stood behind it where the rather boring flats are located on Tanhouse Road.  I’d seen the Mill Stone which is just leaning against a wall in front of the flats with a bench in front of it.  He invited me in and showed me the original hearth stone, they had to dig it out of some damp and decaying concrete and found loads of clay pipes all surrounding the fireplace… then the husband told me about a little cubby-hole they found to the side of the chimney and inside was a handful of stone marbles.  What a fabulous find.  I could have chatted all day but I really needed to get on before the heat got too much.  I stood in the shade of the hedge and sketched the lovely house, the dog came out and even sat with me whilst I was drawing.. bless.  And the righthand window is slightly larger than its left hand neighbour, shows it was all handmade!

It was now 10.30 and I really needed a drink so I reversed the car out of the back lane and parked up opposite Q Street Coffee… a nice iced skinny latte was required. I crossed off the three buildings I had completed from my list and was just about to chill for a moment when I checked my phone – a missed call from Dave and a message to call him.  No reception at all so I pay and return home – Dave needed the car to visit a customer, the van was outside the garage and he couldn’t have got there to pick it up in time.  Oops!

I got a lecture on answering my phone from Dave when I got home, only issue was I’d only received the message shortly before I came home – I obviously had been in a poor signal area.  He forgave me when he saw my phone.  He went off to see his customer and I went for a lie down as I was suddenly very tired.  I fell asleep immediately and woke up when Dave came home.  For all my trying to protect myself from the sun I was still knocked out!

When I work up the clouds were dark grey and the wind was gathering pace… I sat watching the weather for a bit and then the rain started.  It was gentle, caressing rain.. so I went out and stood in it… how delightful and refreshing.  After the heat it was stunning.  Dave did eventually follow me outside but he was not as enthusiastic as me… strange that!

Eventually the rain stopped and the clouds parted which made Dave much happier as now he could go out on his scooter!  He left early so he could get the car checked out.  I decided that I would do one more sketch before tackling the ironing.  I walked down the river side path until I could see the medieval bridge properly and fortunately there was a handy tree stump to sit on.  The clouds were back and I had put on a cardigan as it was much colder than earlier.  So here is the finished sketch.

I slowly walked back home and took some photos as I went.  Including the side of the Dentists building which is the original engine shed.

I did the ironing and then Dave was back and it’s now time for bed.

Sally xx



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