England into the Semi-final and Dave in the river…

This morning was full of tired grumpy moaning people – that’ll be us then!  We had a stonking row and I stormed off in the car but forgot my phone so went for a drive down some lanes and then returned home, Dave was still stroppy so I stomped off to the bed room – somehow I didn’t hear him leave as the next thing I hear is the phone ringing.  He’s over in Homefront and wanting to know what I would like to drink!  I must have dozed off!  We are both tired so shouting and swearing at each other is the right of passage to get back into the Cornwall way… bickering of course, but nothing serious.

I drive over and it must be because of the football but there are parking spaces!  I  sit with Dave and we silently make up, too many people to speak loudly!  The Elderflower fizzy drink cools me down and Dave gets a couple of pasties from next door and we have lunch.  Gary is as entertaining as always.  Then Shirley comes in and joins us for a coffee.  Dave wants to get back home to watch the game, he walks back and I head back to the car bumping into Karen and Zoe Wanless who have just popped over to the Duchy nursery with her parents.  That was a nice surprise.

I drive up to Bodmin Sainsburys and have the place to myself nearly… collecting lots of lovely fresh food, fruit and vegetables, the cashier asks if I know the score – checked my phone and England were 1-0 up!  I drive straight home and unload the shopping into the fridge and freezer, then settle down to watch the rest of the match.  It was so comfortable watching this England squad as they play as a team…. set pieces, pushing the opposition, calm and focused.  This is not the England we are used to seeing!  Then England score again…. what a result!

Washing is done, bed stripped and I settle at the computer,  Dave can see Rob from the garage over the other side of the river, so he decides to go over to meet up with him and his mates, so he climbs down the metal steps to the river.  He starts to wade across, it’s low tide but he slips on a stone and he’s down – soaked through.  Loving every minute, he carries on across to the other side and the guys help him onto the slip way.  He’s over there for half an hour or so and then next thing I know he’s come back across the river and is standing dripping on the patio with the biggest grin, it was cool.  Total big kid time!

We were going to go over to the garage to start the sort out of the studio boxes, but the heat was still too much!  So we watch some Wimbleton and I go back onto the computer.

At 8.30 I decide it’s now cool enough so I go out to do a couple of sketches.  I drive up North Street and there is no where to park, I drive all the way round and literally there are cars everywhere, I drive up to the top and North Street and park in front of the gated entrance to the Methodist church and library.  I walk down and climb the 2 steps in the church yard and start the drawing of the refurbished Victorian Gothic building.  I leave the windows to finish off when I got home, then I walked up to the building which has a cornerstone carved with the original owner name and date.  I really wanted to capture this but the facade of the building is totally boring.  It’s been changed so much over the years.  Down the far side of the building is a hanging sign with The Old Malt House and a stone arched window which is probably a remnant from the Duchy Palace.   It’s getting dark, so I leave the windows to finish off later and head back home.

Dave has just started to watch True Lies with Arnie and Jamie-Leigh Curtis.  I love this film.

Then it’s over and I need to make the bed!  Aghhh must dash to do that now as it’s gone midnight!

Sally xx



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