We were going to get up bright and early and go to the garage to sort out the studio boxes – remember I mentioned it yesterday!? Well when I went to make the bed I could hear a drilling/grinding sounds outside and couldn’t see where the noise was coming from… this is gone midnight!  Dave went out to see and the railway men were working on the signal nearest to our building.

I couldn’t get to sleep with the clatter going on – in the heat of a summer’s night any sound carries and seems louder than normal!  So I came back in the lounge to watch the end of a film about Liberace – weirdest thing was realising it was Michael Douglas playing the lead!  Well I started to feel really tired so went back to the bedroom to try to sleep – the heat was stifling and the gentle grinding was not as bad as before but I could not get to sleep!  Dave came to bed and fell asleep instantly, but he was just making the room even hotter!  I got up and came into the lounge, opened the door and sat outside in the cool air watching the stars and the railway men as they walked the track tapping and chatting with their torch dipping and darting as they walked.  I watched the sky lighten and then dawn was well on its way as the birds were up and singing… I could feel my eyes dropping so I shut the door and retreated back to the bedroom and instantly fell asleep.

The alarm had been shut off when I got back to bed and so when I woke and saw the light dancing on the ceiling though the Venetian blinds, I glanced at the clock it was gone midday!  Oops – no sorting the garage out today me thinks!


It was a struggle to get moving… I made a coffee and opened the doors – the heat outside was overbearing!  It was baking white heat, taking a breath was like breathing fire!  It was definitely the hottest day so far… 28 degrees.  I know those of you who are heat seeking missiles are loving these high temperatures, but oh my I am melting.

As we were going later this afternoon to a surprise birthday get together we needed to get some strawberries and cream as our contribution to the food.   But first a trip to Q Street Coffee for an iced latte and a salad.  Whilst I was there I got my mini sketchbook out to have a practice at drawing people.  I sketched Charlotte behind the counter, I tried to capture Alice’s son as he sat waiting for an iced chocolate drink.  Then the couple sitting on the sofa and then the empty sofa.  I had fun and need to do more quick sketching as I’m out and about.  Though not in this heat!  No building sketches today – sorry!

Popped into Co-Op and bought strawberries, raspberries and blueberries and some thick cream, went back to the flat and prepared the fruit.  Then it was time to drive over to Par to sneak into Debby’s house ready for when little Jane came over supposedly for a quiet bbq.  We pulled into the car-park just as Pete and Bernard arrived, then Jane Stanley pulled up too, we had bags of food and drink, Jane had a massive Pavlova and then Chris and Greg pulled in just as we walked out of the car park.  The problem we had was we had to walk right past little Jane’s house to get to Debby’s home, as we were walking we had to shush as the car park backs on to the back of the houses and I noticed a parasol in Jane’s garden… we weren’t very good at keeping quiet!  None the less we managed to get to Liz’s and Debby’s houses (they live next door to each other) without being seen or heard.   Out in to Debby’s garden where the gazebo was up with lots of seats and shade… bliss.

Marion and Pete arrived, Lesley and Alan, Jackie from Homefront.  Then we were all here, chatting and waiting, waiting and chatting.  Then the doorbell sounded.  We all went quiet and Alan, Dave and Jane S held a blanket up to the kitchen window just to ensure no one was seen.  Then Liz was all ready with her camera and out walked little Jane, followed by Kieran and Stuart.  Her face was a picture, a mixture of bewilderment, shock and happiness.  For someone who doesn’t like surprises she was very good at this one.  When she knew both Kieran and Stuart were in on it, oh my they were in trouble… but not for long.  I think she had a fabulous evening just like the rest of us.

I faded the first, so Dave and I left just before 8pm and was relieved that the breeze had picked up and the temperature had dropped.  Just in time for Poldark and then The Handmaids Tale… I love Sunday night telly at the moment.

Sally xx


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