Mighty Monday

This morning, even though we’d had a terrible nights sleep with the heat, we got up and was up at the garage just after 7.30am.  Dave got on with unloading stuff off the van and then reloading the remaining carboot boxes, whilst I went through the studio stuff box by box, then separating items to stay and those to bring home with me.  So 3 boxes were loaded into the car and Yellow Billy the Bookcase was suitably filled with items that didn’t need to be readily available for me when I get making again very soon.

Whilst we were doing this mammoth task I moved some items on the shelf that runs along the side which I have claimed for my preparation area in the garage, I moved drills, drill bits, other power tools, a paint brush in turps and what I thought was a box of professional hand wipes… only thing was it too had a paint brush in brush cleaner.  I went and poured it all over myself.  Oh my did it stink.  As we were hidden away in the garage behind the van I took the top off and put it on a box in the sun to dry…. so here I was in my underwear sorting out stuff in the garage.  We were so pleased we started so early as by the time Dave went off to get some water we were dripping!  I finished off all the sorting and decided to put the t-shirt back on with seconds to spare before Maggie and her husband appeared from behind the van asking me to move the car!  PHEW!

We drove home, hot and bothered and snappy… I was definitely HOT’ANGRY.  Showered and refreshed, and certainly not smelling of brush cleaner, all the dirty clothes already going through the rinse cycle.

It was still only just gone 10am so we drove up to Q Street Coffee for a breakfast and coffees.  I got the sketch book out again and attempted to capture some people who were innocently sitting having a get together.  My sketching guinea-pigs.

Dave went to see Karen at Jefferys to discuss jobs and then we both drove through the blistering heat to Bookers in St Austell.  Dave has been trying to get me to go there for ever… and I had a vision of what it would look like and when we arrived it was exactly as I had imagined.  We bought some toilet rolls, Fairy washing powder x 6, Fairy Washing up liquid x 6 and a roll of 50 black bags.  It was depressing and soul less and to be honest the prices were not that brilliant and I can totally understand why small corner shops can’t compete with the big boys if they rely on buying cheap food at a cost price that is still high.  We went in to the chiller section and it as full of slightly mouldy vegetables and vacuum-packed mega sized bacon packs.  All Dave kept saying was it was great for parties…. hmmm I disagree sweetheart!   I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

But my duty was done and I had visited a Cash’n’Carry.

We were now melting, our only respite was the stretch of road from St Blazey to the top of the hill ahead of Lostwithiel.  All the windows wound right down.  We decided to pop in to see Sharon at Homefront to catch up with her after her holiday.  Keith was in there and was trying to find a £1 worth of 2ps for his current project.. funnily enough our cash tin was in the boot of the car so he had plenty to choose from!  I was getting hotter and hotter so decided that I needed to go and do a sketch to try and catch up with the 100 day project.  Wednesday is day 100 and I’m 6 behind… but it’s a struggle!  Must try harder and perhaps sketch by torchlight in the cool of the night – LOL.

Back home I suddenly had an idea as to how to get cool… get in the sea.  I’ve never been in the sea other than paddling… not ever.  I’d bought a swimming costume in the sale last year and I thought if we went somewhere quiet it would be lovely to just sit in the cool water.  So I mentioned it to Dave and suggested Talland Bay as we could park right by the beach.  I’ve never seen him move so fast.. he was in his swimming trunks in a flash and had packed a bag of towels, sun lotion, clean top and shorts.  I changed into the swim suit and got my yellow plastic Seasalt sandals and put on the beach top I’ve had for a few years.

I drove through Lerryn and down the narrow lanes, Dave isn’t used to driving down these narrow lanes other than on a scooter so he kept saying I was going too fast or warning me of cars and vans that I’d seen before he did.  Nervous passenger!  We drove out of Lerryn and up a long winding lane which only a few weeks ago was full of green bracken and grasses, now it was scorched straw for lack of rain.  It almost shone golden with the sunlight bleaching it. At the end was the main road towards Pelynt and onwards to Looe and Polperro.  It wasn’t long before we were driving down the long decent to Talland.  Turning left at the bottom of the hill towards the tiny little car park right on the beach.  I was now pretty nervous.  Dave brought the bag down and I headed down onto the beach – there were a few people there but not too many.

We scrambled over slippery rocks and pebbles round into another cove and Dave left the bag safely on a large rock, I took off my beach top and walked slowly and carefully into the water.  Goodness me it was nothing like a swimming pool, pushing and pulling and with the salt much more buoyant.  We walked until I was waist deep but still with rocks to hold on to.  Dave went a little further and was trying to persuade me to come out with him… he’s a good swimmer and I’m not – in fact I don’t actually know if I can swim as the last time I was anywhere near a pool was when I was at school in the 70s!  I was a sea virgin!  The water although chilly at first was soon warm and comforting.  I held onto my rock and lifted my feet off the gravelly sand and floated.  I turned and sat on the sand with my eyes low in the water, the view of the lapping water from this angle was truly amazing.  Dave encouraged me to lie on my back and just float, but I would only do that if he was right behind me as I had visions of floating out to sea… bloody daft really as I could still stand up.  I went back to my rock and floated again.  I was happy with my rock and my rock was happy for me to hold on.  The tide was going out and soon my floating was not possible so I said a fond farewell to my rock and went a little deeper stroking the seaweed clinging to the rocks beneath the water as I walked.  Other people came and an older couple were amazed I was doing so much, but it was gentle and soothing and I felt cool for the first time all week!

I wanted to stay there floating and holding on to rock number two but this rock was not my rock, it was jagged and I nearly scratched my leg on it.  I stood and watched Dave float and swim and float some more.  He showed me how he pushed forward and aimed for the shore (all of 10 feet away) so I had a go….. that was a silly thing to do.  I launched forward and lifted my legs but somehow went down not forward, splashing and a mouth full of salt water was the result.  Didn’t like that at all.  So in future it’s me and my rock and floating.  But I felt brave and tall, I had been in the sea, I had (almost) swum in the sea, I had worn a swimming costume in public, shown my arms and legs and not broken out a cardi to hide beneath!  I want to do it again and again.

We walked to where the bag was and dried off a little, Dave was going to go back in but then we decided to head back round to the car park.  All the rocks and gravel I had trouble walking on were now high and dry, bright green seaweed clung to some of the rocks forming a velvet carpet still glistening with the ocean.  I was chuffed no end at what I’d done, Dave was over the moon and an elderly couple who’d we met in the water were just so encouraging.

I sat on some cloths and drove home, I felt the coldness of the swimming costume and I was no where near as hot as earlier.  I drove back along the main roads this time, through Taphouses and then all the way down in to Lostwithiel, past the Chatham pub and over the railway crossing.  As soon as we were inside I jumped into the shower and for the first time in days felt a little cold!  Boy was I tired and achy, using muscles I’d not used for years…. but worth every ouch.

Now I’m off to bed to sleep.

Sally xx

PS – some photos from the surprise party yesterday!


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