Two days and the 100th day

Oops I seem to have forgotten to tell you about Tuesday.


It started lazily, with both of us still aching from our sea swimming adventure.  It was amazing to me that although all I did was float and hold on to my rock my muscles were had been tested.

Anyway today I needed to get ahead of the game sketching wise as Wednesday was day 100!  The end of my mammoth 100 days of sketching Lostwithiel buildings was coming to an end… all a little bit suddenly.   First we drove up to the garage to drop off the excess toilet rolls, washing powder and washing up liquid we’d bought from Bookers, Dave wanted to pick up his van anyway so that he go straight to Normans to grab his scooter for the Tuesday evening ride out.  So instead on leaving the van exactly where it was and walking down to Q Street Coffee Dave wanted to drive it and park up on Tanhouse Road.  As I had to move the car anyway I tootled down the 50 or so yards to park the car on the road with Dave pulling in behind me.  Unfortunately the place we parked isn’t strictly legal as you have to keep a beady eye out for traffic wardens.

The cafe is quite busy so we have to sit in the middle which means a perfect view of our vehicles.  But hey you get chatting and drinking coffees and you take your eye off the ball…… suddenly Dave shouts Traffic Warden.  There was the lovely lady chatting with a gentleman who was asking directions right by our vehicles.  Heart sank – one parking ticket is bad but two on the same day!  One of the guys from the flats had run over to let us know which was so lovely of him…. he’d seen me sketching so he recognised my car.  Anyway after dodging the traffic of the A390 we get over to Tanhouse Road and she was still chatting away…. then she said if we moved them now she wouldn’t ticket them….this is totally amazing!  So Dave goes off one way – I can’t actually remember where he went (lol) – and I went round to Fore Street and managed to park right outside the Deli.

I decided to celebrate our close shave by doing my first sketch of the day, the butchers.  This is right next door to Watts Trading and shares the ground floor of one beautiful building.  They have fabulous Victorian ornate tiles under the shop window and the sun canopy was shading the window.  Reminded me of when I worked as a Saturday girl at the local greengrocers ‘Coles and Flynn’ when we had to open the sun canopy to shade the window and the ‘less than fresh’ smoked haddock.  Anyway I digress.

The sun was right in my face and it was awkward to sketch so I ventured into The Brightside of the Road and asked Dai if I could loiter in his doorway to do the sketch.  Much better.  I got the sketch done and dusted and got chatting with Dai, the gallery is full of his artist friends work and is a workshop space for printing.  There are changes afoot as he moves his gallery space into the neighbouring smaller shop (which is part of his building) and then his daughter is moving into the main shop… she runs an amazing blog and Instagram page called Alice in Scandiland.  Exciting!

I then walk up Fore Street to my next sketching location – the mock Gothic Victorian Methodist Church on the main road… this is now converted into flats.  But’s huge with all the Gothic bells and whistles thrown at it!  Not my favourite architectural period!  But it’s an iconic building and probably one of the first buildings you see as you drive down from the Taphouses.  Next to it is the equally massive Sunday School building (also now flats) but that will stretch my tolerance levels!

I start the ink sketching and get the bare bones down on paper, and there are a lot of bones to draw!  I realise that the car parking spot on Fore Street is nearly at the hour allowed so I go back to the car and drive round to South Street, there is a Peugeot 107 sized parking space which isn’t regulated – yay!  As we ran out of the coffee shop without paying I think it wise to walk the short distance to sort this out!  And finish the ink part of the sketch, shading in the windows etc ready to go back and do the shading in soft pencil.

I walk back down Fore Street and through the alleyway by the museum heading back to the car when I spot the green chipped paintwork on the barred window of the Town Gaol… this is a tiny part of the old Guildhall and gets the 100 day sketch treatment.  Back at the car and I drive home.  I’m suddenly very tired so go for a lie down… I wake at 7pm with Dave long gone on his scooter ride and me annoyed as I wanted to cook tea!  I stick the chicken in the oven to cook and then, naughtily, go and get chips!  Tut tut.

Dave arrives back after 10pm and soon after that I return to bed and sleep pretty well.  It’s cooler now thank goodness.


Alarm set as today Rob the car goes to the garage to have his brakes checked.  So we’re up and out early, drop Rob off (it’s literally opposite our flat across the river) and I climb into Dave’s van to be dropped off up Duke Street.  He’s off to meet with a few of the scooter lads and to help Norman move a shed load of wood at his home.  It’s duller and cooler today for which I am extremely grateful as I have quite a few buildings to do, some of which will be extra to the 100, but my last building will be the church.

Firstly I walk up Duke Street onto Bodmin Hill and across down the narrow lane leading to Victoria.  I walk down and notice that blackberries are already turning colour and will soon be ready to pick.  Along this tiny back lane are loads of plants, some transplanted by accident that have grown well, a massive Buddleia is heavy with flowers, a strange plant with delicate hanging lantern flowers is sprouting up all along the verge.  As well as the blackberries and the remnants of the wild flowers I photographed over a month ago.  I turn down past October Cottage and find my first building of the day, a beautiful cottage with a late Victorian bay window addition.  The lady comes out and once I’ve finished the sketch I walk up the path to show her… one down several to go!

I retrace my steps back up to Bodmin Road and again down Duke Street then at the tiny gap in the high wall I walk up the steps on to the path to Melville Terrace.  I walk down the back of the houses right down to number 6 at the end.  Earlier in my exploring of the nooks and crannies of Lostwithiel I found this terrace and the lady at the end was very lovely and said I could stand in her garden to draw her house.  This terrace had very large open bays on the first floor that gives a beautiful view over the town and across to the rolling hills towards Fowey.  Her garden is beautiful, full of country cottage charm, with rambling plants everywhere, window boxes and hanging baskets full of trailing flowers.  I’m standing on a narrow gravel path and can feel insects and rogue leaves tickling my back.  I decide that I can finish this off down at the Knit and Natter in Homefront.

I walk down the steep hill and through the alley way on to Bodmin Hill and then down Fore Street and right into Quay Street.  It was gone 10.30 but there were only a few of the group there today and only Enid knitting!  I am in need of some breakfast so a black coffee and teacake are ordered and I get my sketchbook out to finish off the drawing I started only 15-20mins ago.  Done and dusted I join in with the conversation, and enjoy the break from sketching… but I’m eager to get back out there as I want to do another couple before finishing the day with the church… well that was the plan.

I went off down Quay Street towards the railway bridge just as Michael was about to trot past with his horse and flatbed cart.  It looked like he’d been to the auction at Jefferys and also the Co-Op as his shopping was on the back… the cart was painted just like his gypsy caravan, bright and colourful.  I said hello to him and his cart horse just some people climbed on for a ride.  And off they trotted into Coulson Park.  I love this little town of interesting, eccentric, quirky and colourful people.

I’m at the Lime Kilns now and I’d been puzzling over whether to include the undeveloped side as well as the house I’d chosen… I walked up and down looking at the angles and although interesting the old side is just a wall with deep arches in the base and a rotting car and boat waist-high in weeds.  So instead I decided to concentrate on the house.  As I’m sketching Emma from Bellamama Deli comes past and asks me to add her shop into the days list.  I worked out a route so I could get lunch, do the library and the deli without walking back on myself.

Happy with my sketch and my route I head up to Q Street Coffee for lunch and a cool drink.  Chloe’s mum and gran were there having scrambled egg on toast and so I did too…. it was utterly the best I’d had for a very long time.  I start to walk along the main road and as I’m about to turn down Fore Street I stop at the building opposite, the antiques shop with its peeling paint and dusty exterior.  The building’s bones are stunning so I have to draw it… it’s bound to have an interesting history as it is very grand.  I get the outline captured and the details of the many windows and portico doorway.. then move on to where I was intending to go to the library.


The library is in a very ancient building at the back of Edgcumbe House which is the old town council building (currently being assessed for renovation).  I’d tried to get to see it several times however the wrought iron gates were always locked… but today it was open and there were convenient benches and large ancient stones to sit on.  It’s long so I did what I did for the Potters building started at the one end and kept moving to get the whole of the building, there are 2 stones archways and some slightly dodgy ‘council’ installed windows upstairs with a slightly nasty concrete lintel… towards the right hand corner of the building there is a wooden lintel and a filled in doorway.  The librarian who had come out to chat and see what I was doing told me that a long while ago there was a bridge across to the next building connecting the two.  What for she had no clue!  Interesting.  Again I do the outline and the details but not the window shading or the shadows.  It’s gone 3pm when I head back down the alleyway and start the Deli… Emma is not to be seen but I carry on noticing the framed windows and the lovely peaked canopy over the door, neither of which I’d noticed before.

Again I leave the detailing for later and head down to Watts Trading for a sit down and a chat with Denise.  She’s going through family photo albums and I buy some chocolate.. naughty.   Dave suddenly appears in the doorway blustering about how he’s called me several times and “do you EVER answer my phone!”.  The car is done and Rob wants me to collect it… there is nothing wrong with it, the brakes are fine, a little worn but he says we’ve got a good little car – yippee!  Anyway grumpy and I drive round to the garage and collect the car and head back home.

My plan to do the church scuppered!

I cook tea and the telly is on for the World Cup England vs Croatia semi-final.   It’s an early goal for England and Croatia are looking like a beaten side… half time and they have been given a right bollocking (wonder what the Croatian phrase would be?) and came out fighting.  When they equalised I couldn’t watch any more so went back out with the sketch pad to do number 100 before the light faded too much.

It’s virtually impossible to capture the whole of St Bartholmews church as it is surrounded by buildings and beautiful trees.  So I decide on St Bartholomew’s church the steeple and the door way…. It’s harder than I was anticipating and the light was fading fast… so I leave the church yard with all the details captured and most of the shading done.

The social club and the pub up the road had been cheering England on but had now gone very quiet so I knew they had lost… shame but they have indeed been a brilliant England team and Gareth Southgate has been a stunning manager.  Well done for getting to the semis lads.

Back home I complete all the details on all the buildings and load them on to Instagram and that’s it England are out of the World Cup and I’ve finished the 100 day project!  Wow!


So far I’ve done nothing and it’s already gone 1pm……he he!

Sally xx


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