Friday procrastination

Yes I'm typing this instead of getting down to making the last few things for Cowslip tomorrow... I woke up after being awake until 5am feeling really jittery, tired but with the need to get on with it.... so I went and got some petrol (which was on my to do list) and I've started… Continue reading Friday procrastination


One year on…

16th July 2017 I wrote: "So tonight we got to see the latest Poldark and The Handmaids Tale, then it's finishing the cleaning, sort out the keys for the Estate Agents, take the last meter readings and lock the door of 57 Eastern Avenue for the last time.  It's been an easy house to live… Continue reading One year on…

It rained and it was good

Dave was up early to go and do a lime plastering job for a customer in town, so I got up eventually and sat down to work out a plan of action for this week to get me ready for the weekend event at Cowslip Workshops.  My 'To Do' list started with *buy carrots* so… Continue reading It rained and it was good

Sunday evening ponder

The problem with thinking is that it can become a dangerous self-destructive force that will take over the logical, factual normal thoughts that keep us on the normal straight path.  Thinking too much makes normal seem so far away.  This has been happening to me today.  I woke up anxious, just a niggle nothing overwhelming,… Continue reading Sunday evening ponder

Fowey and Padstow

One on Thursday, the other today. After doing diddly squat earlier in the day Dave and I go to Q Street Coffee (naughty habit-forming here!) for lunch but parked legally this time!  As we walked down Tanhouse Road I noticed three baby seagulls (though pretty full-grown) squawking and wondering across the road, pecking at the… Continue reading Fowey and Padstow

Two days and the 100th day

Oops I seem to have forgotten to tell you about Tuesday. Tuesday: It started lazily, with both of us still aching from our sea swimming adventure.  It was amazing to me that although all I did was float and hold on to my rock my muscles were had been tested. Anyway today I needed to… Continue reading Two days and the 100th day

Mighty Monday

This morning, even though we'd had a terrible nights sleep with the heat, we got up and was up at the garage just after 7.30am.  Dave got on with unloading stuff off the van and then reloading the remaining carboot boxes, whilst I went through the studio stuff box by box, then separating items to… Continue reading Mighty Monday


We were going to get up bright and early and go to the garage to sort out the studio boxes - remember I mentioned it yesterday!? Well when I went to make the bed I could hear a drilling/grinding sounds outside and couldn't see where the noise was coming from... this is gone midnight!  Dave… Continue reading ‘Scorchio!’

England into the Semi-final and Dave in the river…

This morning was full of tired grumpy moaning people - that'll be us then!  We had a stonking row and I stormed off in the car but forgot my phone so went for a drive down some lanes and then returned home, Dave was still stroppy so I stomped off to the bed room -… Continue reading England into the Semi-final and Dave in the river…


Phew! It was like driving in an oven.... The heat this morning was heightened by the added humidity caused by low clouds, oh deep joy.  After the hair lacquer of yesterday I did my best to style it but sweat and humidity just sent it in to an undecided flop.  We drove from the hotel… Continue reading Home