The Private View

OH MY GOODNESS! I'm knackered and happy and buzzing and knackered! This week has been full one getting everything sorted for my first ever exhibition.  What an amazing stressy fulfilling week. I have just looked at my diary to try and remember the sequence of events and Monday is a blank so I shall start… Continue reading The Private View


The delivery of the invitations

I can not believe that I could ache so much from just walking around the (admittedly steep) streets of Lostwithiel delivering personal invitations, to all the owners/tenants/custodians of the 100 buildings I sketched, for next Fridays Private View. It was pretty warm early on and I thought the warmth on my stiff and aching joints… Continue reading The delivery of the invitations

The nights are drawing in

And I love it.... all the cosiness of autumn is starting to seep into my being, we've thrown a thin quilt over the summer duvet as we're feeling the nip in the air at night.  I can feel the need for a cardigan more and more.  And sandals are just a little too open for… Continue reading The nights are drawing in

The Blog that took too long

Where have I been?  An excellent question - when anybody finds out please let me know! Seriously it was not my intention to disappear from the face of the earth but a funny thing happened when we reached our 12 months in Cornwall.  It was like a switch was switched and I had said all… Continue reading The Blog that took too long

The One Year Anniversary

Twelve months, 365 days, that is the time that we have now lived in Lostwithiel.  Exactly! And what a lovely day it's been. But first Sunday and Monday need to be visited! Sunday: We got up late and lazed around a lot.  Dave was outside and Chris was over the other side of the river,… Continue reading The One Year Anniversary

Penzance, Flame and home

An early start on a dull misty morning and we were on the road for 7.20am.  Straight up to the A30 and on to the long back bone of Cornwall heading west towards Redruth.  The clouds were hanging low and then the clouds turned to fog, lifting slightly to hover just in the canopy of… Continue reading Penzance, Flame and home

The Friday I didn’t go to St Ives

Dave thought the scooter run today was to St Ives and it turned out that the impulse bought train ticket I bought to meet them there was a waste, as the run was always planned to go to Coverack. After my busy day yesterday and with a fair down in Penzance tomorrow I decided not… Continue reading The Friday I didn’t go to St Ives

A busy couple of days!

I had a long list of things to do... including re-doing my CV - BORING!  What a joy it was to find one I'd updated early 2017.... just a tweek or two and it was done.  Tuesday was meant to be the day I collected the sketchbooks from the printers.... unfortunately they were still battling… Continue reading A busy couple of days!

Sunday when we didn’t go to a Festival..

I've loved the rain we've had but the down side is that it was too wet for me to spend a day at the Port Elliot Festival.  The weather was meant to improve in the afternoon so we kept thinking we might go - in a minute the weather will brighter - but alas the… Continue reading Sunday when we didn’t go to a Festival..

Not a lot to see here…

...and not a lot to write about either. So shall we talk about the weather? We've had rain, lots of rain.  Cool rain, refreshing rain, soaking-you-through-to-the-skin rain.  But I didn't hear anybody moan. So what did we do today, apart from watching the rain?  Well we went down and sat in Homefront and watched the… Continue reading Not a lot to see here…