The last fair and how to sneekily pack before the end of trading….

This weekend was just down the road near Mevagissey at the lovely Lost Gardens of Heligan where 120 stallholders were battling for the customers in 2 huge interlocking marquees and also a few scattered in the buildings of the Gardens. Yesterday was a reasonable start had I had enough sleep but alas as per my… Continue reading The last fair and how to sneekily pack before the end of trading….


Last Christmas event for me …

.... is tomorrow (or should I say today as it's ten to 2 in the wee small hours!) and I'm sitting in the lounge listening to my own tapping of the keys on my laptop and a faint buzzing in my ears which I get when it is completely silent everywhere else. I've got the… Continue reading Last Christmas event for me …

After the dark comes colour

Lots of colour. This last weekend was the Etsy Made Local Christmas Weekend at The Guildhall in St. Ives.  Friday was the set up day plus the preview evening from 6pm to 9pm and we were scheduled for our unloading slot at midday.  So we set off from home around 10ish to ensure we got… Continue reading After the dark comes colour

The Christmas of craft fairs.

  I spent Thursday making more Christmas decorations as the way this year of Craft Fairs have gone I would better have a stall selling just Christmas Decorations than anything else.  It is so different from last year and the previous years - pre Brexit obviously - as the fairs were full of people looking… Continue reading The Christmas of craft fairs.

The weekend of two fairs

That's Bedruthan and Escot House all on the same weekend.... but what a lovely double booking weekend! But it started off earlier in the week with the incident of the hazard warning lights... Dave borrowed the car and for some reason he put the hazards on when he got out of the car and on… Continue reading The weekend of two fairs

The week leading up to Pencarrow

This last weekend was spent at Pencarrow House just north of Bodmin at the Pencarrow Christmas Fair.  A whole weekend surrounded by gorgeous artefacts and portraits of long-lost members of the Molesworth family who have lived here for over 500 years. It was magical. I had tried to make more stock for the weekend as… Continue reading The week leading up to Pencarrow

Fireworks – finally

Today was a lazy start after the big day at Barnstable Pannier Market yesterday - went down Homefront and sat with Keith, Sophie, Joe and Megan along with Dennis the dog.  Sharon was there too.  I'd popped into see Amanda at Lost in Books to apologise for not seeing her on Saturday with the promised… Continue reading Fireworks – finally

A storming few days

Without a shadow of a doubt the last few days have been a little bit busy. First off I finally got down to making for the many upcoming Christmas fairs and it all went very well.  But the reality is that making in the lounge and spilling out onto the dining table is not very… Continue reading A storming few days

Meetings, meetings and coffee

Of course there would be coffee.  And cake.  My first meeting was yesterday at Q Street Coffee with the lovely Emily of Simply Great Britain who is down in Cornwall on holiday but couldn't miss the opportunity to meet some Cornish indie businesses, it was a tall ask as there are so many networking groups… Continue reading Meetings, meetings and coffee

Winters on it’s way

Saturday was greeted by 4 sleepy people, Sheila and Andy were already in the lounge with Dave when I emerged from the bedroom dressed and ready for the day - however they were all still in their bed-clothes.  Breakfast consumed and lots of discussion about who snored (apparently I was ALL night - much to… Continue reading Winters on it’s way