Penzance and Photoshop

Goodness me it was cold, wet and windy this morning as I drove down the A30 to the 2nd day for the Photoshop training with the Digital Peninsula Network, not in the centre of Penzance but in the middle of a housing estate so I was able to park right by it this time.  No long… Continue reading Penzance and Photoshop

A day of changed plans and forgotten promises!

First off I was meant to be up in Exeter to meet up with the gorgeous creatives of Creative Business Network.  When I woke up this morning with the alarm I turned over and my shoulder went into spasm AGAIN - the thought of driving all the way to Exeter with my latest Fibro pain… Continue reading A day of changed plans and forgotten promises!

Pumpkin – The Result

This afternoon I had the immense pleasure of being one of 3 judges judging the Pumpkin Carving Competition for the lovely Cool Kids Club.  Oh my they were amazing, the imagination, the quality of the workmanship, and the details made it extremely hard for us 3 judges to come up with the 3 winners! But… Continue reading Pumpkin – The Result

The trial of finishing a sketch…..

.....and then realising an important detail is WRONG! That is what happened this morning, I'd finished everything on a sketch of the back of a house right down to the shading and then noticed the top window was not the right size and it couldn't be altered..... schoolgirl error!  Anyway I have re-done it and… Continue reading The trial of finishing a sketch…..


We'd thought that the weather was going to break on Sunday and we would have rain.... nope it was stunningly beautiful and still warm. We went down to Q Street Coffee in the morning to meet up with Keith, Pete and Bernard for a little bit of Sunday morning banter, Lesley walked past and as… Continue reading Sunday/Monday

Friday night meanderings

I've been meaning to get behind the Blog malarkey again and yet AGAIN I've forgotten to do it!  It just means that I have a harder time remembering what happened when!  But then again I have trouble remembering what happened five minutes ago. In fact this is proving to be an issue at the moment… Continue reading Friday night meanderings

The day I remembered to blog!

And realised that I can't do what would always like to do because a stupid auto-immune malarkey that makes me fall asleep on the sofa when I really want to get out to an event. This is what happened tonight. This morning I drove to Penryn to meet up with the Makers Revolution team for… Continue reading The day I remembered to blog!

The chapel sketch

Funny thing happened today after I eventually got moving and made my list for the day. I decided to do something that wasn't on my list. Risk taker! I had crossed off a lot of list items within a couple of hours and so decided to go and draw the chapel commission I'd received last… Continue reading The chapel sketch

Proper Autumn Sunshine and MOT

First thing this morning I had to drop the car off at the garage for it's MOT - I can see the garage from our patio and Dave has had conversations with Rob over the river we're that close.... however it's a long way round the town to drive.  Dave called me as I was… Continue reading Proper Autumn Sunshine and MOT

Business Meeting

Also known as a sleepness night. I met today with The Growth Hub which is a sign posting organisation for small businesses to refer them to appropriate support/training according to their needs. Christina came and spent 2 hours with me at Q Street Coffee allowing me to ramble on about my creative business and I… Continue reading Business Meeting