Full on Thursday

New fringe, new colours, family here there and everywhere and too much sun. Our hotel room is so cool it's lovely and we both slept very well which is a huge bonus!  Got up in time for breakfast and the hotel was much improved since we'd been here is February.  A new manager can make… Continue reading Full on Thursday

Up country

...but back Saturday. We've come the 245 miles to see mum and whilst we are here I'm getting my hair cut...yes I know it's a long way to have a hair cut and I know there are plenty of hair dressers in Cornwall.... it's just I've known Penny for a very long time and she… Continue reading Up country

Phew four sketches and England in the last 8

... but I was watching Bull on 5USA, much to Dave's annoyance when he came home from his scooter evening ride out.  So he went off to sit in the car to listen to the radio commentary. But he came in all disheartened as it looked like England was out so he'd come inside.  My… Continue reading Phew four sketches and England in the last 8

Monday = muggy

I keep looking at the grey clouds hovering above Lostwithiel and hoping that one of them just gets rather heavy with moisture and lets rip all over the town... I would stand and let it drench me.  None the less having just been into Fowey, Lostwithiel is less heavy and humid than there!  Small little… Continue reading Monday = muggy

Rain…. hooray!

I woke this morning hearing gentle rain resting on the open window - it was like a whisper rather than the crashing downpour with thunder and lightening we were led to believe, but no wingeing here - it was still rain!  I opened the back door and watched the rain fall straight down, puddles dancing… Continue reading Rain…. hooray!

Lostwithiel Gin Festival

..... also known as the day I got squiffy! I am such a lightweight! This morning started gently, I was meeting Lesley down at Homefront for a drink and a get together. I'd got dressed in a thin grey top that goes over a vest top... a week ago this would have been cool to… Continue reading Lostwithiel Gin Festival

The heat has melted my brain

.....nearly forgot to do this again tonight! Anyways... yesterday was a quiet exhausting day really, instead of driving up the A38 to Exeter to meet up with the lovely creatives in The Creative Business Network, one by one we dropped like flies.... to be fair Helen had a legitimate reason, busted shoulder tendon, where as… Continue reading The heat has melted my brain

The first proper re-draw

...of the 100 Day Project. First thing I was meant to be up and at it before the sun got its super powers turned up to full, but I woke up to white static noise coming from the radio alarm - a whole hour after the alarm I'd set.  Oops. When I got up and out… Continue reading The first proper re-draw

Tuesday – a three sketch kinda day!

Dave was up early to go off and do some work and I got him to drop me on North Street so I could go and sketch Emma's house early whilst I could stand in shadow.  I'd also grabbed my hat out of the car and was wearing that.  It was lovely to be able… Continue reading Tuesday – a three sketch kinda day!

Monday and it’s a hot one!

Of course it doesn't help that I did the ironing this morning.  I must have increased the temperature in Lostwithiel by 2 degrees! Eventually I finished and also sorted out the desk drawers to move creative related items into the green bureau.  Only after that did I get showered and ready for the day..... well… Continue reading Monday and it’s a hot one!